Fish and Goat cannot be part of the three choices. Choose Fish or Goat only if desired.

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All Entrée Comes With Stew and Three Types of Meat or Fish Only

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CHOICE OF OKELE (Please Choose One)

IYAN (Pounded Yam), EBA (Cassava Yam), WHEAT (Wheat Flour), AMALA (Yam Flour), SEMOLINA (Milled Durum Wheat)

CHOICE OF SOUP (Please Choose One)

EGUSI (Green Vegetable Mixed with Melon), EFO RIRO (Fresh Spinach Vegetable Soup), GBEGIRI (Black Bean Soup), EWEDU (African Green Vegetable Soup), ILA (Okra), OGBONO (Special Nigerian Seed Mixed with Spices), PLAIN SOUP (Spiced Mixture of Tomatoes, Bell Pepper and Onion)

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